Bonsai Story [1]
Father of Nishiki pine
-Kiichi Suezawa-

He is a great pioneer who built up the foundation of NISHIKI pine and raised the bonsai to the bonsai industry with an actual profit. Around 1892, he found a good Nishiki pine and succeeded in grafting of it. He invented a new species "Nisshin" from the Nishiki pine in 1894, and invented a new species "Suehiro" in the next year. He devoted half his life to the pine bonsai. As a result, he devised one style of bonsai after another.(Formal upright,Informal upright,Root connected, Intertwined trunk etc) He kept making effort in the bonsai trade until dying in 1931. It is the best existence for him to color the bonsai history,and he is the pride of our bonsai world !

This diagram written by him

This is the note to bear in mind to the individural customers who are buying a bonsai tree through internet from Japan.

*Sanshoen Bonsai Export will advise you on the species which you are going to place an order will subject to the regulation issued by the government in which you live.

*Concerning the permitted species to you, please feel free to contact with us or contact with the Ministry of Agriculture in your country.

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A great rarity ! Selected from more than 50,000 kinds of pines over 15 years !
yumenishikiI YUMENISHIKI
The only registered trademark bonsai in the world !
(The registered trademark No.4310404)

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Pinus pentaphylla

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Pinus pentaphylla

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Rhododendron indicum

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Juniperus chinensis

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C---Please contact us for detailed information
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Pinus pentaphylla X O C
Juniperus rigida O A C
Juniperus chinensis O A C
Chamaecyparis obtusa O O X
Acer buergerianum O X C
Acer plamatum O X C
Lagtrus troemia O A C
Punica O A C
Euonymus O X C
Diospyras O A C
Citrus O X X

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